Best way to file this dispute

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  1. I bought a top on eBay and when it arrived, the top REEKED of a very strong perfume and also had some stains on it. This was not disclosed in the auction at all, and yes, I've contacted the seller but I think she's ignoring me. The auction stated the top as new with tags, never worn etc. I understand when you buy clothing you always need to wash it, etc. But the smell is so bad that... yeah, I almost threw up. I don't want to throw this in my wash either and contaminate my other clothes with that smell. I can't even tell what the stains are - looks like rust actually (like transferred from a wire hanger). I would say this warrants as a SNAD, correct? Or am I being unreasonable? I'm pretty pissed at the fact that she had no problems returning my messages prior to this, but suddenly she's MIA.

    I'm going to give her one more day before I send another message and then possibly file a PP dispute. However, I just want your opinions on the best way to do it. Should it be a SNAD? I'm not willing to try and clean this in case I can't return it after it's been washed.
  2. How will it contaminate your other clothes if you wash it by itself?
  3. Even if you were to hand wash to get the smell out, that doesn't mean the rust stains will come out.

    You've done the right thing by notifying the seller about your issues.

    I would file a SNAD also after waiting 2-3 days on a reply from seller...maybe that will get some attention & a resolution.

    What a PITA situation to deal with!
  4. Do not wash the top if it is new with tags and you plan to return it. That will be considered altering it and it wouldn't be fair to return it after the tags were removed if the stains/smells didn't come off. Give the seller a few days to respond. We aren't all always in front of our computers. Maybe she didn't expect a problem, so hasn't been checking her email. If she doesn't respond in a few days, go ahead with the claim if you feel it is SNAD. We can't smell it or see it and have no auction link to compare it to, so only you know if it really isn't as described.
  5. If you want to return it, don't wash it. File a SNAD. If it was supposed to be 'NWT' but has stains and an odor it's not as described. Good luck!
  6. I don't hand wash anything :P

    Thanks for your replies and seeing my concern. I could easily just try and clean it, but if the smell and stain won't come out, then I have no grounds for return as one of you have said, it's considered "altered". I will give the seller another day to respond.
  7. Good luck! If she is a good seller, she will accept the return with no case needed.

    If you end up filing a SNAD, make sure to take pictures of the stains.