Best Way To Clean Vinyl Cabas?

  1. Hi fellow PFers Regarding cleaning vinyl Coco Cabi, it may seem a no brainer: water, right? But today I was sashaying through NM (pretty scary when one cannot even stay away from a store that has Chanel bags in it, on a holiday :p ) and met a woman going down the escalator who also was carrying her vinyl Cabas. We chatted awhile and she said that when she used water to clean hers, it left streaks. Before that happens to my baby (its very new) I wondered what you guys use to clean yours. Windex? Chamois cloth? baby wipes?
    Thanks for the info :yes:

  2. Maybe an SA would know?Good question!
  3. of my customers said she uses baby wipes.
  4. ::smiling at Jill: and thanking wipes it is!
  5. Purse-onality,
    You are indeed correct. A good brand baby wipe works very well and leaves no streaks.
  6. I use a wet cloth to clean the bag then use a dry cloth right away. It works very well on my bag. ;)
  7. thanks guys!!!!!!!!!! I used baby wipes from Walmart they werent so great
    sheeeeesh you'd think it woulda worked perfectly
    no damage done to bag, just not as clean a job as i would have thought

    Chanel boutiques should sell babywipes for vinyl Coco Cabas lol

    what's a better brand?
  8. Purse-onality,
    I nearly wrote never use wipes from Walmart however, I did not desire to be insulting to anyone. I like Huggies, they work very well.
  9. ktown, thanks! but, the only thing that would be insulted here would be the package of Walmarts babywipes, the package's feelings might be hurt, but, it would be ok..and would go on to wipe a real baby's tushy instead of a Cabas :roflmfao:

    i really think that the only material object which is not a living breathing entity that has feelings is...............a Chanel bag,

    i shall go out and buy Babywipes

    but will the walmart ones permanently hurt my bag???
  10. I use spray Windex on a soft cloth and use another (dry) soft cloth to wipe it right away, that way there are no streaks.

    Good luck!