Best way to carry books in our fab bags?

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  1. Hi everyone! :flowers:

    I am an avid reader and tend to carry a book in my bag everyday. Especially, when I go to and from work. Work is where I get most of my reading done since I have a lot of down time. Being a receptionist definitely has it's perks! When it's a hard cover this doesn't come across as an issue. But, when I am carrying a paperback it tends to get damaged and beat up looking pretty fast. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on the best way to carry around a paperback? Most of my bags are fairly large with just one massive compartment so I don't have the ability to keep all my things separate. I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

    TIA! :girlsigh:
  2. My work bag is a pretty big with one comaprtment in it. I have a 45 minute train ride to work, so I always bring books or magazines with me. I found that using a purse organizer (the chameleon) makes things a lot easier. It doesn't fit my book or mags, but it keeps everything else in one spot, so I don't have to worry about lip gloss getting smashed in my book.
  3. I carry a book around with me most of the time and have never had that happen. However, check out for the hands free book holders. I live by these. They will help protect your book, but mind you, will add to the bulk.
  4. you could try just putting the book in a gallon sized zip-lock bag.
  5. This is what I started doing recently and my paperbacks are looking much better.