Best way to accessorize key cles??

  1. Here's the story. I bought my key cles love it to death butttt it's my first lv purchase and I want to give it a home to match. I kinda want the neverfull pm but EVERYONE here in my town wears it. I also want the lv backpack the vintage drawstring one with two handles. What do you guys put your key cles in?
  2. I put credits cards, reward cards, and some cash in it most times. It's my most used item..
  3. It’s called a Key Pouch or a Pochette Clés but definitely not a “key cles.” I am going to grow old and insane making sure that “key cles” nonsense disappears from the forum. :lol:

    And to answer your question, no matter what you pick, it will be perfect. :hugs:Don’t worry about what others already have and buy what you want.
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  4. Could have been empriente, you know :biggrin:. Completely off topic, it's your old world sensitivity in the New Wolrd , I think. It's interesting to read behind your and other Frenchmen's (Frenchpeople's ??) words. Thank you for standing your ground on this.
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  5. I just sigh...

    (and then wonder where in the world people get their ideas and wonder why people don't bother to even think about what the words are using even mean).
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  7. Key Pouch I use for smaller bags to carry cards and cash.
  8. I was waiting on your reply"key key"
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  9. It's really interesting area the world of words. DD just done research experiment for her dissertaion on how people process non words, words that should not make sense in the brains lexicon, however there's people who clearly do find meaning to it even though it's a made up word. Apparently is to do with how our brain uses morphological decomposition breaking down words we do it very quickly in milliseconds . It's dead complicated my brain turn to jellly when she tried to explain. But a example she gave was as our brain begins to learn words and advance. We would for example be able to know immediately that when we see the word "corner" is doesn't mean someone who collects corn but a description to describe space/area. But in this instance key cles a non word, people have processed it to be real word and thus making sense. But it great that fab is able to educate us to know better.
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  10. But "cles" (I can't figure out how to type that damn accent on this computer) is a real word. It's French, as Louis Vuitton is a French company. I really don't understand why people aren't even bothering to think about that. It should be common sense and certainly obvious to someone who has only taken a few years of French in high school.
  11. I'm wondering wether someone had added the word " key" as a helpful description when using the word "cles" (I have not got a clue either how to put the accent in ) so people would know what it meant but over time both the words have been used consistently as though it was norm. But yeah you will be suprised at how many people will find meaning to words that is made up. But sound plausible. Dd made up about 1,000 non words that were made up with a real word and a morpheme eg, ly, ness, illy. She got utterly frustrated that participants thought graphilly meant something. But in general I guess some people have better lexical access/processing or word recognition then others.
  12. LOL

    I believe it. A friend and I both see people make up words all the time in our field of work, and it drives us crazy.

    I really wonder what people who say "key cles" think "cles" means. I mean, every word in a phrase means something, so what do they think "cles" means?
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  13. I think people who don't have a grasp for French may have incorrectly assume "cles" means pouch. So to them "key cles" made sense . But instead have created some new Anglo eng/french word which don't make sense.
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  14. If you like the neverfull, go for it. It is a popular bag because a lot of people love it. :biggrin:

    As for my key pouch, I like to use it with my smaller bags. It is wonderful for putting my essential cards in and attaching my keys to it so it doesn't take up much room. :smile:
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  15. I think this is it! :P