Best way for a new seller to list her bags?

  1. I may eBay a couple of my Koobas and an Isabella Fiore and have never sold a thing at auction before, only bought.

    How does one deal with the fact they are NOT a power seller or high feedback seller when they have authentic bags up for auction and want to be taken seriously?

    What is the best way to handle this in the listing? More pictures? What do people look for in the listing so they feel comfortable bidding on a higher ticket item from a new seller?
  2. I would suggest maybe buying some things and possibly selling some lesser items (clothes, etc) to build up some feedback before jumping in with expensive bags. People are very very hesitant and you most likely wont' get as much money for them
  3. I definitely agree with Court... even if the buyer only sees a few feedbacks from you as a seller, it would sway them to know the items came "well-packaged" or "as described". As far as the listings go, take many pictures and be as detailed as possible in your written listing. As a buyer, I don't look twice at sloppy auctions with bad photos.
  4. I as a buyer look for this:

    Many pictures (not just 1 or 2). Up close pictures showing details. If the bag has a creed/serial number (as in Coach), take a very CLEAR upclose picture of it. Very very detailed description. For handbags, dimensions are important!

    If it has any flaw at all, state it!

    Very well put together "ad". Meaning no spelling errors, Clearly typed out. Not confusing, but a good flow.

    Presentation is everything!!!

    Also make sure you have very good communication with potential buyers. Try and be available in case you get any emails.
  5. Thanks for the tips, everyone. They made me realize what I, myself, look for in a listing...all of the same things you mentioned.
  6. Well Good Luck!!
  7. This is a great thread & question.

    I don't EVER purchase from new ebayers just b/c I don't feel safe enough until I see some positive feedback.