Best WATERPROOF Mascara?

  1. Do you routinely wear regular or waterproof?

    What's your favorite waterproof?
  2. diorshow waterproof
  3. I used to always wear waterproof because regular mascara smudges easily. I don't like how it makes my lashes "crunchy" looking, though. Right now I'm using Maybelline Unstopable, non-waterproof, and it doesn't smudge so I'm sticking to it for now.
  4. I used diorshow waterproof, but when I went to get hypnose, the SA said I didn't need waterproof? So I don't know what the difference is, hence why its sitting there unopened.
  5. I like Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara if I wanted to do waterproof, but I typically warn against waterproof mascara since it's a lot of effort to take off at night and if you don't 'hello, raccoon!' in the morning.

    I wear regular and my favorite (I've tried something like 12) is Stila's Fiber Optics Mascara. Oh. My. God. Talk about thickening every last lash you have! I curl my lashes then put this stuff on, I've never once used it and not been stopped for having amazing lashes.
  6. KISS ME BLINC MASCARA is pretty good. it wraps around your lashes and it wont come off unless you rub it with soap and warm water... its the best one ive tried so far and i smudge like crazy. i got it from sephora.
  7. Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Aqualash
  8. i hate mascara so i just wear maybelline's clear mascara no need to worry about smudging.
  9. Another vote for Diorshow waterproof
  10. I just use the Cover Girl waterproof mascaras. :lol:
  11. I've been a Lancome Hypnose *Waterproof fan since it came out but I also have to use a really good eye makeup remover for it to come off!
  12. Diorshow waterproof. :smile:
  13. OK.......obviously I have eye makeup issues since I just posted about liner in another thread....I have tried (it seems like) EVERY mascara there is. It all smudges, flakes, runs, transfers onto my eyeshadow, etc. It sucks!

    I think I am going to have to get a waterproof mascara to solve my problems. I currently have Diorshow Blackout and the Sephora SA said it was as good as waterproof WRONG, it sucks, I hate it and it took 52 swipes (Yes, I counted!)with the brush to make my lashes look good, that is friggin ridiculous!! I have really long but fine and blond, eyelashes.

    I ride horses, work out and have oily skin so it seems like nothing will stay AND look good. HELP!!!!!
  14. Chanel Inimitable in the waterproof formula is good. I know many other ladies here use it and love it too. :yes:
  15. I recently stumbled upon Maybeline's XXL waterproof mascara and loved it. It was under $10, and stays on allllll day without smudging.