best wallet?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    I just got a mono zippy wallet (gift from DH) but I am finding getting my CC's in and out is a pain...would I be better off w/ the international since is unfolds? Any other suggestions?
  2. I have the Sarah in Vernis and I love it!
  3. I have the international, and its great, but I find the Sarah to be an even better wallet. Its the one that I would recommend!
  4. ^^ I love the Sarah! My mother has it...I'm wanting one of my own! (:
  5. I don't have any problems with mine. I love my Mono Zippy Wallet!!!
  6. After much deliberation and trying wallets at the LV store...I finally bought Sarah in Damier. Love it!!
  7. I also bought a Vernis (in Pomme) Sarah about a month ago and love it. No complaints whatsoever.
  8. The Sarah would probably be a better wallet for you, unless you like really really large wallets, in which case, the International.
  9. the unfolding would actually drive me crazy. but get the one that works best for you. try the wallet out in stores...put your card in and see how you like the feel.
  10. No problem with mine, love the Zippy!!I carry my debit card in my MC key cles with my drivers license so much easier than constantly getting into my wallet, I don't use my credit card often(just for travel) so rarely have to pull it out.
  11. I have the Elise and Emilie - Emilie is too new to really assess. I love my Elise. I never had any problems getting cards out. But it's not a full-length wallet, which I know many ladies want.
  12. just the advice I was looking for, Thanx Ladies!
  13. I have the International wallet and absolutely love it. It's a little smaller than the Zippy wallet, about the size of a Sarah wallet. Cards are easier to get in and out since there is no zipper in the way. I prefer International and Sarah over Zippy, but I think it's best for you to go into LV and test out each one to find your perfect wallet.

    Here is a thread that may help you out -

    Good luck!
  14. I used to use an Elise but it only carries a few cards, so then I also carried a large cles with my other cards in it and a card holder with gift cards in it. It seemed silly to carry three different wallets for all my stuff, so I got the Eugenie and everything fits nicely. :smile:
  15. I actually have a few french wallets and Lvoe them.I have the white multicolor and the monogram and both work VERY well.It does have fewer CC slots,however 2 large pockets under that area you can store more cards if needed.