Best wallet under $400

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  1. I am wanting to purchase a new wallet before the increase, prefer under $400 (I just cant bring myself to spend more than that on a wallet). I am leaning twords the Monogram Canvas Porte Valeurs Organizer$345.00 but am not convinced it is worth the price. Any opinions on it? Pictures would be great, too.
  2. i would just look on ebay for something new and cheap..i got 2 new vernis pochette wallets for $435 each once...
  3. I think there is no coin compartment. That is definitely a minus. I have the mono pochette wallet and I just love it. Its over 400 but definitely worth it. For $495 you can have it in mono or damier
  4. Im not sure I want one with a coin pouch, im afraid it will stretch it out. I just sold a Damier wallet that snapped & zipped because I didnt like the hardware, which is why the organizer caught my attention.
  5. ^^ITA! The organizer does not have a coin pouch, not sure if you needed one for your wallet. catz is right, check out ebay and get it authenticated on here. LV wallets are pretty pricey!
  6. Why not the zippy coin purse? It fits a ton and is small enough to fit into pochettes! It comes in mono, epi, multicolor and azur! The mono is $290.
  7. Zippy Coin Wallet :yes:
  8. :confused1::confused1:

    isn't where the zipper is --is a coin pouch.
  9. ^^I believe that is the Brazza. The one pink is talking about doesn't have a zippered compartment inside.
  10. Another vote for the Zippy Coin Purse. It's very sleek and carries alot for that size.
  11. Zippy coin purse. It holds quite a bit for a small wallet!
  12. zippy coin purse!! maybe in multicolore?? i'm dying for one! lol
  13. zippy will do it.
  14. Zippy coin purse.
  15. you guys have talked me onto the zippy! Great price