Best wallet size

  1. I know this may be a silly question, but what is the best most practical wallet size? I need to ask others who also understand that it is not just a wallet! I have always carried a tri fold. But not I think they get too thick. I am considering a longer one, I would think your stuff would have more room to spread out, so to speak. I don't really think I want one with a checkbook, never used one and now I hardly even write them. Also, I am currently using a gun metal and a black bag, what color wallet? Black would go with both, but I don't want to resort to the usual without other opinions to consider.
  2. I have to have a long wallet, checkbook or not, its just something about having my money straight and no folds in it. I don't like trifolds because I usually have too many cards (credit, gas, membership) and there's not enough room for all of them.

    As for the wallet color, go with black, if you don't already have one. Black goes with everything, classic look.
  3. I only use long wallets or zip arounds or whatever they're called. I suggest getting a different color than your bag. Pull it out and there's more wow factor kwim? Look at some by Isabella Fiore, those designs are def. eye catching and totally nice materials and workmanship. Cole Haan makes some really nice wallets too. Juicy Couture has one called the "elongated clutch" and that one comes in quite a few different colors. Oh yeah, Hayden Harnett has beautiful wallets...there's one in plum and one in black on eBay right now.

  4. I feel the same way.

    I like my bills flat without any folds. I have to have the "checkbook" style wallet and I NEVER carry a checkbook:p...debit card only!
  5. For me, it really depends on the size of the bag I'm carrying. If it's large enough, then I use an accordion zip wallet - it has room for 8 cards (credit/debit/id), then three sections for bills, receipts, etc., and a zip compartment in the middle. The one I use the most is a Coach Chelsea Accordion Zip ( Perlina also makes one of these, and it's just as good.

    I also have a L.A.M.B. that is a large wallet, and has similar compartments (

    For smaller bags, I have a french wallet that is more of a billfold and works well. It looks a lot like this: but is a Lovcat.
  6. I love the Hayen Harnett!! I like that style, thanks! Have you seen their lead color?
  7. I think it really depends on the size and shape of the bag you're going to carry it in.

    Personally, I use trifold wallets in smaller bags, that are reasonably deep front to back and continental wallets in larger but flatter bags.

    I really like continental wallets, though, as you can also use them as small clutches.

    I think the best wallets for carrying inside bags (rather than use on their own) are simple designs, without visible hardware, to save on weight and prevent the hardware from scratching other items/being scratched itself.

    Personally, if I was only going to buy one wallet I'd go with black, or brown and in your case, probably black. :smile:
  8. Depends on the bag. Right now I use a Tokidoki bifold wallet that zips all the way around. But I am coveting a HH clutch wallet for when I get a new job.
  9. I'm just waiting in the mail for a Hayden Harnett Pompidou. They come in a slightly metallic blue and a pewter/gunmetal color. The reason I LOVE it is that it can be used as a clutch, or, if you attach the strap, can be worn on the shoulder or messenger style or even around the waist.

    It's leather and has these zippered front and back sections that allow you put things like your cell phone or keys inside, so in a clutch.... it can carry all the essentials at once.

    I find for most wallets, that they don't have enough room for my cards - and I only carry one credit card, but with healthy insurance cards (for me and kids), car insurance cards, store discount/membership cards, etc, I don't have room in the typical 8 slots. So, I have a lodis credit card organizer and I fit it into one of the zippered pockets.

    Another very similar wallet I currently have is the Mundi wallet but it doesn't have a long strap, just a wristlet strap.

    I have also used and LOVED the Hobo big wallet with shoulder straps (my particular model is no longer available). They are so organized, but because of their stiff leather, you can't put your keys or cell phone inside.

    For travel, I've also loved the Bagalini wallet on a string because you can wear it close to the body for safety/security and it too can hold your cell phone and keys if needed (but then it gets fat and you can't wear it on your body.
  10. i dont usually use a traditional wallet; i have been using a leather "pouch" by MAXX newyork, it has 4 slots for cc and a zip pocket...i like this style because alot of times i just want to grab my "wallet" and dont need my handbag, but i need to fit my keys, cell, cc, etc. i dont want to have to hold my keys in one hand and a wallet in the other while shopping. this bag also has a looking to buy a higher end "pouch" for the same function.