Best Versatile Shoulder Bag


Nov 17, 2015
Hi guys, I've always been one for big oversized bags but I've definitely warmed up to the smaller sized bags (and my shoulders thank me). I am looking to purchase a smaller sized shoulder bag/crossbody that'll be equally suitable for weekend outings and more formal occasions like weddings (I'm not one for clutches :<). I'd like to stay away from any obvious branding/logos and stay under $2k. The few bags I've been considering are Chloe Mily, Fendi Small Kan I, and Gucci Mini Dionysus (pictures below). Does anyone have any experience with these three? What would you all recommend as a good versatile bag buy?

guccidionysus.png fendikani.jpg chloemily.jpg


May 16, 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia
I dont own any of three but I like gucci the most, and if i have more budget I'll get chloe. My reason is.. sometimes my mood changes so one time I like wearing gold accessories and sometimes I wear white gold. So I think if I can have these 2 bag it will match my accessories mood [emoji28]

But if I can only choose one, I think gucci is the winner here. I can imagine wear it on my jeans with sneakers or with heels. And Also with nicer dress for formal thing.