Best Vernis cles to go with a Damier bag?


What's the best cles shade to hang on a Damier bag?

  1. Violette!

  2. Pomme!

  3. Amarante!

  4. Pearl!

  5. They are not meant to be hung on bags.

  6. Tss. Go for a Damier cles!

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  1. What do you all think? :smile:
  2. I vote for Pearle b/c that's what I hang of of my Damier Speedy and it looks great!
  3. Red looks HOT against Damier!
  4. I vote for pomme too:heart:
  5. Go for the new LE (or depending on who you ask, seasonal) cles - looks great against Damier or mono :love:

    Second choice Violette :heart:
  6. got the LE pomme cles for my damier... it looks amazingly gorgeous against it IMO.
  7. Pomme totally compliments Damier.
  8. Pomme!
  9. my vote is for pomme...
  10. Great I'll get Pomme. And throw in Violette, I think they're both really pretty! Thanks you guys!
  11. Heart in Pomme.
  12. I like Pomme.
  13. definitely something in POMME!
  14. Definitely POMME ! Something about the red and brown just looks so delicious !
  15. Most definitely the POMME.

    It looks absolutely gorgeous against Damier, IMO.