Best Vegas Stores?

  1. Alright. So, my fiance will not let me to spend any more money on any more bags.


    BUTTT - I'm going to Vegas next month, and I head theres some really great Coach stores. I will definately be making a few stops. Any suggestions as to what stores are a must-stop?

    In the mean time, does anyone know of any good replica websites? I dunno if they're worth it, but it can't hurt to look.

  2. Talulah G in Fashion Show Mall has gorgeous clothes. Some really cute shops in Mandalay Bay too - Sauvage swimwear boutique that carries other brands too and a Just Cavalli boutique.

    I'm sure you'll find all the big name stores on your own, but those are some cute boutiques. If you see a magazine called 944, pick it up! It's the coolest free magazine ever and usually has ads for cute boutiques.
  3. There is an Outlet not far from the strip that has a Couch outlet.

    But ON the strip, go in Forum at Caesers--fancepants shops, Carolina Herrara and Harry Winston--and Vosges Haut-Chocolat---you MUST go there. BEST TREATS EVER.

    Bellagio and Wynn also have great shops even if just to window shop in.