best VEGAS outlets and shopping?

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  1. can anyone please recommend the best places to go shopping in vegas? i read that there's the LV Premium Outlets and the Fashion Outlets of LV. which one's better? or are there other places to shop for the best deals? :wlae:
  2. It really depends on what you like. I love the Premium Outlets (off of the 15). The Fashion Outlet (far end of strtip)has never really done it for me. I will say that I hear they have added some new stores as of late.
    I would check the websites for each to see what you like.
    They are not too far apart, you could just go to both! ;)
  3. The best on is in Primm, NV - at the California boarder, from MGM and other hotels you can catch shuttles out to the outlet mall....the others aren't worth your time going!!

    This one includes:
    Ann Taylor Factory Store 874-2357
    Banana Republic Factory Store 874-1295
    Burberry Factory Outlet 874-2244
    Coach Factory Store 874-1711
    Cole Haan 874-1908
    J. Crew 874-1254
    Michael Kors (USA) Inc. 874-1955
    Neiman Marcus Last Call 874-2100
    Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store 874-2144
    St. John Company Store 874-1009
    Tahari Company Store 874-4880
    Timberland Factory Outlet Store 874-2214
    Tod's 874-2191
    Tommy Bahama Bungalow 874-5388
    Tommy Hilfiger Company Store 874-1788
    Versace Company Store 874-2266
    Williams-Sonoma Marketplace 874-1780

    There is a nice mall right there on the strip past Treasure Island -they have a numer of stores inside, plus Ceasers has shops, Venetian has shops, Paris has shop as well as Bellagio, etc....plently of shopping and sightseeing for you to do!!!
  4. Below is the information about the shuttle, I've taken it in the past...not a bad trip!!!!

    Fashion Outlets operates a daily Shoppers' Shuttle from the Las Vegas Strip with departures from:
    • The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
    • The Shops in Desert Passage at the Aladdin and
    • The Fashion Show
    The round-trip fare is only $15.00 and includes a complimentary Savings Book with more than $800 in savings at participating stores.
  5. wow thanks everyone. this is my first posting on The Purse Forum-what a great community! thanks for the shuttle discount too since i won't be renting a car. I hope to score some deals on some designer handbags and accessories there! all comments appreciated!

  6. Welcome, and yes the shuttle is a great way to get to the outlets! I rented a car one time and now, forget it - every other time I have taken the shuttle - so much easier, plus you don't have to pay for gas and a rental car!! :graucho:
  7. I try to stay away from the outlets unless its the Primm - NV/ CA border outlets...those really are the best.

    As far as shopping goes, I stick with the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace...I always find something there and things are always on Sale!