Best value in Chanel

  1. Which do you think is the best value around in Chanel bags....not sale items, but regularly priced bags, .Classic Line or other lines....Thanks for your input!
  2. Cerf is right up there right now for size vs $
  3. Probably the cerf or Ultimate Soft.
  4. how much is the cerf??

    paris biarritz.. you get lots for your $$!!! but down side is that its not leather
  5. I think the Cerf is $1995 and the Ultimate Soft is $1795 for the large and $1595 for the smaller size. I personally would go for one of those over the Biarritz any day as they are both leather... and admittedly, I like those styles better. The US is particuarly an amazing deal for lambskin.
  6. Wow - thats a great deal for the Ultimate!
  7. The diamond stitch tote is also a decent price point for what you get.
  8. Diamond stitch !
  9. Love Diamond Stitch. Great deal on such a gorgeous tote. I got a small one for $1695 plus tax.
  10. Yeah, definitely the Diamond Stitch tote & flap (medium & large), the Ultimate Soft (medium & large), and the Cerf.
  11. I miss my Ultimate soft, its a great bag at a fantastic price!
  12. Reissue?
  13. Gst!
  14. large cambon tote because it packs a lot! :smile:
  15. Diamond stitch. Love it!