Best Vacation Spot ??

  1. Ok so I am dying to go to Florida this year for vacation. 2007 was a hard year for me [with no vaca!] so I am planning on treating myself this year. I want to go somewhere nice where I don't have to worry about anything, nice blue beaches, GREAT shopping[hey thats why I'm on tPF!] and nice nightlife. I would even be willing to meet up with some fellow tPF'rs to shop! Where would you all suggest and any hotels? TIA!
  2. Dubai!

    Great beaches, great shopping, nice hotels!

    I'll send you a link to a hotel thats really nice or if you prefer to hire a condo?
  3. How much time do you have?
    Were you thinking US only?
  4. ^^ Agreed for Dubai!!

    Are you looking for someplace in Florida? If so I would suggest Fort Lauderdale. I went there last year in March, and it was beautiful! Great shopping, nice beaches, and good restaurants! If you're looking for hotels there's one called Gallery 1 which is very nice and just a 3 minute (appx) walk away from Saks and Neiman Marcus. The Hilton is nice as well as the Atlantic Resort and Spa, oh and there's one called the Pelican which i've never actually been to but have heard amazing reviews about it!

    Hope that helps!
  5. I'm looking to stay about a week.. and although Dubai looks amazing.. I was looking to go to FL ... And thanks for the info misskt!
  6. Orlando, I'm sure will fulfill all your needs and wants. There is great night life downtown, awesome shopping (Premium & Prime Outlets, and many malls), as well as really fun attractions like Disney, Sea World, Wet 'N Wild, Universal Studios and many more.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT THERE AND NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE! I strongly suggest you stay at the Mike Ditka Runaway Beach Club. It is a villa style resort which is a 10/10 in my books. They have awesome ratings and reviews. Most gorgeous place ever, period. It is close to everything and there is a Walmart SuperCenter literally around the corner so you don't have to waste money eating out all the time. I am going to stay there every time I go to Orlando.

    Here is their website:
  7. Thanks Jan. I'll be sure to check out those prices. :heart:
  8. I know you said Florida but try looking into Cancun. With the exchange rate it can be a bargain. You can find great deals for the off season and I don't think it's that far for you.
  9. I know this isn't Florida, but maybe St. Thomas? My friends just returned from there and they said the island has it all...beautiful beaches, solitude, night life and tons and tons of shopping. Plus great weather!
  10. Try the Sandestin resort in Destin, FL. Beaches, dining, nightlife, shopping on the resort and there's a outlet mall nearby.
  11. Be careful when going to Fl. The weather can be unpredicatable (Cool). I always try to go as south as possible. It sounds like south beach, miami fits your criteria. I love
    marco island, but I am not into the nightlife scene. I just love the beautiful beaches.

    Oh, wishful thinking as I just put on another layer of pajamas cause it's like 7 @#$% degrees out today. LOL
    Good luck