Best Up and Coming Designers

  1. Hello,
    I'm always on the look for new up and coming designers. I love classy, sophisticated bags-not into over the top things, but I also like bags that are unique,hard to find, and just have their own "character".

    Can you guys recommend any new designers that can can fit any of those characteristics? Or Maybe just your own "special gems" you don't mind sharing? Pics are always cool.
  2. mmmmm some very nice pieces here, thanks for posting!
  3. I have fallen in love with my new Shalon 360 bag. I cant stop talking about it. I just got into high end bags but if I had a chance to buy 56 more they would all be 360s. SHALON 360 SATCHEL
  4. Thanks for the links!!! You know, the MooRoo line is exactly what I was talking about-I esp love the AVA-not sure if the picture can be shown, but it has a little hint of gold metallic, and a beautiful rose print-I so would buy that right now if I hadn't already made a purchase this week:shame:

    Almost Forgot-thanks for the` Shalon tip. The bag looks a littlr bigger than I would carry, but I'll keep an eye out on her designs
  5. Hi!
    Derek Lam

    A bit pricey for an up and coming designer, but nice!
  6. Have a look at Billy Bag. They're London based and are getting bigger by the minute. Some of their stuff is a bit hit or miss but the colours are great and they do fabric or leather. Check them out at
  7. sarajane, I have looked and tried to buy Billy Bags with no luck! Their website doesn't seem to sell them. Have you purchased??? Where?
  8. Hi misslola. Yes, I've bought Billy Bags but in store. I'm not sure where you're based but hope the following info helps. Billy Bag's number is +44 (0) 20 7723 0427 (London) and their email is
    In the UK, their bags are stocked at Selfridges and Harrods (I know they sell Billy Bags on their website - - - Homepage
    They're also available internationally but you might need to email them for stockist details.
  9. I've seen Billy Bags in TJMaxx and Marshalls lately.
  10. i love "up and coming" designers...they're my favorite kind! :yes:

    i actually just reviewed a brand new designer: Posse
    here's a pic of the bag -
    and a link to my review: Grechen's Closet - It's not you, it's your closet.

    also, i love andrew marc's new line of bags, gustto, anna corrina, bryna nicole, and ashley watson's new line of recycled leather bags is very cool:
    Beklina :: Ashley Watson Bag Purse Tote ::

    begeren has very nice bags - i have two - and they're on sale now for about 70% off until saturday: Begeren | Leather Handbags, Laptop Computer Bags, Purses, Clutches, Travel Bags, Unisex Messenger Bags and Accessories | Fashion and Function for Your Stylish Life

    i have a list of handbag designers here:
    Grechen's Closet - It's not you, it's your closet.
    that includes links to lots of designers..including lolli, liz mole, aleyany and tons more. i LOVE to support smaller designers :love: - i hope you can find some you like!
  11. Thanks sarajane!!!
  12. Belen Echandia would get my plug, along with Tabitha . . .
  13. I love the Lockheart handbags!