Best undereye concealor?

  1. Any recs?
  2. i've heard good things about cle de peau
  3. I have two actually...Dior Moisturizing Concealer..even covers up my blemishes! Also, try Stila's Perfecting Concealer. Both work effectively if correct color chosen.

    I used Dior the other day and one of my close friends even said I looked more awake...that's quite a compliment coming from her! ;)

    Also, another suggestion would be to dab some white or silvery e/s near the tear ducts to make your eyes come alive. I use Cargo's Eyelighter. There's a shade for your tear ducts and to hide crow's feet area too!
  4. I like Nars.
  5. MAC :love: works wonders.
  6. Cristina, which MAC concealor? I've tried the one that's a liquid that comes in a tube: MoistureCover. Are you using the one that comes in a pot?
  7. i'm using Prescriptives at the moment...but as soon as i'm done, i plan on switching to Laura Mercier. i heard it's once of the best!
  8. I also heard awesome things about Laura Mercier and it didn't impress me at all.
  9. touche eclat from YSL
  10. It's a chunky pencil. I bought mine a month ago and love it. I have bad undereye circles, and this actually makes me look alive in the morning. You just have to buy the sharpener that goes with it, which is around $3.
  11. Oh that sounds really convenient! I'll have to check it out. Thanks, Cristina.
  12. Oooo..maybe i should try MAC also. i've been looking for a really good concealer also and haven't found one that suits me.
  13. really? i'm surprised...oh well. Prescriptives is nice!
  14. L'Oreal Ideal Balance. Blends in really well and lasts all day. Inexpensive too.
  15. Me too. It's one of the few brands I've tried that doesn't end up looking cake-y after a couple of hours.