best undereye concealer that brightens??

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  1. i don't have dark undereye circles, but i want to find a brightening agent that makes my eyes look brighter underneath. is that weird? i've been using Benefit Eye Bright but it doesn't blend well. i like the pink-ness of Eye Bright, unlike most concealers that are more beige/yellow-ish.

    does anyone have any suggestions??
  2. If you don´t have serious under eye circles then I´d highly recommend "Touche Eclat" from YSL. It´s a must have.
  3. Or try Laura Mercier's Tinted Eye Brightener - I love it!
  4. :tup: Fantastic product.
  5. I have a chanel one thats similar to the touche eclat but I like the chanel better, I hate tried both!
  6. Touche Eclat" from YSL is this a good blending concealer?
  7. Granted I don't have very dark circles under my eyes, I use Stila's perfecting concealer in shade "a" and find that it covers everything extremely well and definitely brightens when I use it around my eyes. The reviews at are basically all positive, except I see that some people say it settles into fine lines and some say its too thick. I find that the thickness is just right and I have a few fine lines and it doesn't seem to settle at all. The reviews also say that it is very good for dark circles as I imagine it would be!
  8. I've been using Touche Eclat for years (well, like three years!) and I love it!! I know there are similar products on the market (Dior skinflash, etc.), but YSL is it for me!
  9. I use Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener - in fact, I just ordered it for the third time! It's a lovely cream that works even better than the Touch Eclat for me - and it comes in lots of colors (I use the lightest). I highly recommend it!
  10. I am 32 y/o and have developed fine lines under my eyes. Is YSL a good product that won't expose my fine lines?
  11. another vote for touche eclat
  12. touche eclat!
  13. I think as long as you are using a good undereye cream - (YSL have one that goes with touche eclat) you should be fine.
  14. Secret concealer + secret brightening powder both by LM
  15. I didn't like the colours that YSL has for touche eclat - so it's dior skinflash for me!