Best type of ovulation predictor test?

  1. I'm confused about all the 0-tests...should I get the expensive monitor thing or just the sticks that look like pregnancy tests? Which ones are the easiest to read? I have no clue about charting temps I need to get a Basal thermometer or would a regular ear thermometer work? Thanks for any help!
  2. Check out the TTC thread.
    All the info you need has likely been discussed.
  3. Also, check out books at Barnes and Noble. I've come across many fertility/TTC books and journals on there that may help you.

    PS... I used to use the ClearBlue and never had luck with those so you may want to cancel those out.
  4. Good to know...thanks! I just ordered the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book from Amazon. Mods feel free to remove this thread or add it to the existing one.
  5. I used ones I ordered from I got the kind with two lines if it's positive, one if it's not. Pretty easy to read and cheap. I think I ordered a package of 10 OPKs and 3 PTs for 18 dollars total.
  6. For fun, DH and I used Clearblue and I got pregnant with our son. So those worked for us.