Best Travel/Flight tote: Hayden Harnett Ibiza or Longchamp Le Pliage?

  1. Hi, I need a travel tote. I've read recent posts about ladies who realize when they are on a plane, that there are few places to stow their handbag, so they use big roomy nylon bags like the two I just mentioned to stow stash their bag and other things, as opposed to putting their bag on the yucky floor or overhead bin. The cool thing about both is that they both looks classy, they are both roomy, and both fold up into very convenient sized smaller purses. They both come in the classic black shade as well as a blue shade; HH's blue is called smoke blue and Longchamps is more of a baby blue.

    I will be travelling overseas soon and need to purchase a travel bag andwhile I know both are very functional, I am unsure as to which bag would be better in terms of style and looks.

    What are your thoughts?
    _5445465.jpg _5445494.jpg 1175880503762468238.jpg 11771864301028796874.jpg
  2. Here are some more pics in the black color
    _5445471.jpg 1177088877827883914.jpg
  3. I have no experience or knowledge of HH, but the Longchamp is great. It has all these gorgeous colours and two different handle lengths, so you are able to choose a combination that's just perfect for you. It is so simple and folds nicely when not needed.
  4. You said that they fold up into smaller purses, and they do fold but but the Longchamp cannot be used as a smaller purse when folded. It just serves as a space saver when transporting it. The HH, I'm pretty sure can be uses as a big tote and a smaller tote.
  5. HH gets my vote, mostly because the Longchamp is so common and I really am not a fan of carrying popular, instantly recognizable bags. Yes, I am the anti-popular bag snob (at least I like to think I am ;))
  6. I agree! I had a Longchamp tote for years that I used as a plane bag, until the bottom corners finally wore clean away. I think the HH has more style and more functionality - they have even posted an instruction page on all the ways it can be carried.

    I also think the smoke blue is a more sophisticated shade than the sugary blue. Happy travels!
  7. if you're going for the blue, i like the HH. in fact, i was considering buying that! i love my black le pliage tote though. i think the HH functions better as just a travel tote, but the le pliage is more versatile and classic.
  8. I like the Ibiza. :tup:
  9. Thinking of getting the smoke blue Ibiza for myself too. :smile:
  10. I'd def. go with the Longchamp, it comes in so many colors and it's not a big deal if it gets that dirty. Besides they are really light and don't weigh a thing so you can lug everything with you.
  11. Longchamp! It is so beautiful in such a simple way. :yes:
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  12. i don't know much about the HH, but I love using my longchamp. very lightweight and easy to carry
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  13. I'd go with the Ibiza solely because you can still use it while it's folded up. It looks like it has some useful pockets on the outside, too, and I like the color a little more.
  14. I think Im going to go with the Ibiza! I didnt know that the Longchamp couldnt be used when folded up. Im struck by that smoke blue but at the same time Im thinking that it would be hard to wear and maybe I should just get black. Then again, that smoke blue is really pretty!
  15. Definitely Longchamp! i get all mine at

    i also love to travel with my Herve Chapelier bag. still french and nylon, but def fabulous. just cant find them online anywhere....