best tote? (of these two) beverly or batignolles horizontal

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Beverly GM

  2. BH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. if you need to carry a fair amt., which do you like better? why? anyone have both?
  2. Giggle, I say the same thing...get both if you can . :yes: I just got the Beverly and love the way I can carry it on my shoulder in comfort. It's really a very stylish bag and huge.
  3. I prefer the BH, but don't have either. The BH is on my want list!
  4. I have neither, but the BH is better IMO. The Beverly GM is nice but too bulky and BH is definitely more comfortable. I can barely fit the GM on my shoulder because it's such a bulky bag and my arm just kind of sticks out to the side. The outer strap would not stay on my shoulder, either.
  5. I'm biased because I really, really want a BH!!! :yahoo:
  6. I like BH.
  7. Bh
  8. I say the BH. I have the BH and returned the Beverly. It's just too big, for any everyday bag.
  9. Bh
  10. I don't know much about either, but I chose Beverly because it's cute and everyone has BH. But I guess you wouldn't want a bulky thing to impede your arm either.
  11. I like the beverly gm but I already have saleya gm. Otherwise, I would have gotten the beverly gm instead of mm. It is quite big and bulky looking though. I think beverly gm is better than bh that it has a flap so it is more secure. Having said that , I think BH is an affordable LV bag and you can use it everyday and not worry about vachetta.
  12. Bh
  13. I don't have either, but i voted for the BH.
  14. I vote for BH.
  15. BH!!!! I have it and I love it!!!