Best Tote for Summer 08'?

  1. I was thinking Pink Heritage Tote [L- $358] and the Bleecker Tattersall [$398]. Both are adorable. I was mostly thinking of a good vacation/cruise tote. Enough to hold all of my belongings and maybe a towel or tshirt or something like that.

    Everyone is seeming to be buzzing about the Heritage tote... but I'm afraid come Summer, there will be a new one out, and everyone will be buzzing about that tote..

    Both are reasonably priced and are both nice. [Suggestions for other totes are welcome as well!]

    TIA everyone! :heart:
  2. Ok I guess no one has opinions??
  3. :lol: That is funny!

    Ya know, I love the tattersal tote! I think the color/style is good year round and the size is perfect for day trips and even over nighters. I like the heritage totes too, but I haven't wrapped myself around the whole texture of the bag yet... I know a lot of people on here like the heritage tote so I guess I should give it a chance.

    I like the resort tote too... that cute little tie on is adorable!
  4. sorry for the double post!
  5. i LOVE the tattersal!
    i was actually thinking about getting it myself for a beachy bag!
    plus, like EVERYONE is getting the heritage tote.
    i'm not really that big of a fan of it. idk why. but everyone else seems to be nutzo about it.
  6. I am having the same dilemma. I don't love the tattersall like everyone else does. It looks like it will get dingy over time also the coated canvas has been having problems with regard to the graphic overlay coming off which IMO shouldn't happen on a $400 canvas tote so I think I will skip both of these. I am hoping to get a signature legacy slim tote at an outlet somewhere for a good price.
  7. Ummm...I am not a fan of either. I am into the Legacy line right now. My summer bag, as of right now, is going to be my Gardenia Leigh or my khaki/parchment signature stripe large tote for days when I need to carry heavy.
  8. thanks for the opinions ladies!
  9. haha and thanks 8girl!
  10. well my summer bag will be the same as last years summer Hamptons Tote in Green...i love everything about this bag:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. I love your bag!!! I hope that Coach will bring some of these back in spring/summer !!! I want one !!!:smile:
  12. My summer tote will be the patent ergo in pond :smile:
  13. Me to! that blue is so pretty!
  14. OMG I love this bag! I saw it once on eBay in Baby Blue but I wasn't sure if it was real. LOL! And I think we have the same camera.

    Anyways, I'm in love with the Tattersall design so nothing else, as of right now, can beat that for me.
  15. I was going to suggest one of the new Ergo totes...they're very cute, light weight, and big enough for a towel etc. for a cruise/vacation that you suggested.