Best tote for spring/summer

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am thinking about buying a tote, but I have no idea what I want! Suggestions? pros or cons for one?

    I am only 5'1" so I am afraid a tote will dwarf me, but I really want something I can put a book or magazine in, as well as a water bottle. Also, I am a pretty casual dresser as I pretty much live in running shorts and a t-shirt in the summer.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. well, i love the leather ergo tote, the new heritage stripe tote and the '07 signature stripe denim tote......can u tell i've been wanting a tote too?? hehehe! these are all pretty casual totes.
  3. Even though Im usually an all leather girl, I have my eye on the Heritage Stripe tote in brown for the summer. This material will be perfect for vacation/trips to the park/etc w/the kids without having to worry about getting my bag dirty.

    Oh, and I'm only 5' and the medium tote is just the perfect size for me. Large enough to make it worthwhile (I wind up holding stuff for everyone when we go out) but definitely not overpowering.
    heritage tote.jpg
  4. I'm usually an all leather girl but I'm considering one of the new tattersall totes that are coming out. As long as they are of some fabric that won't be too hard to clean, I'll definitely be getting one.
  5. Good suggestions, thank you! At first, I wasn't really feeling the coated canvas, but it's starting to sound more and more appealing!
  6. I just bought a large ergo tote for spring/summer. I love how lightweight it is and it will hold a ton if you need to, so I'll be able to carry an extra diaper without lugging the diaper bag everywhere all summer.
  7. i love the new heritage collection since i just got my XL satchel... i would suggest either this collection or the tattersall, i'm starting to like that more and more...
  8. i love the new sig. stripe shoulder totes! they are now up on and come in several colors

  9. I second that!! :tup: