Best tote for every day use

  1. Hi. I want to get a Chanel tote bag for daily use for my work stuff. I would mostly be carrying reading material, snack food, toothbrush and a few other toiletries and once in a while my Macbook. Any suggestions? Oh, since I live in Ireland it must be able to withstand getting caught in rain on a somewhat regular basis.

    Thanks ladies in advance for your suggestions!
  2. Hmm...the totes I'm really liking these days are the cotton club tote and the GST...both are FAB!!! Not sure if a Macbook could fit in either of them though...I'm sure another PFer will know... :yes:
  3. Cotton club
  4. I agree Cotton Club.
  5. Wondering if the cotton club chains would give way because of the weight of the macbook? :confused1: someone posted about her chains giving way.
  6. Gst !
  7. i would suggest cambon tote or modern chain. i love both :love: and i think they can take the weight of laptops. :yes:
  8. GST or Original Cambon Tote or the New cotton club
  9. gst
  10. Something in caviar, for the durability. The GST I think is quite heavy, so with a macbook thrown in, I don't know if your shoulders can take it. Maybe the baby cabas, which is still big enough.
  11. I don't know how big a macbook is but for totes I like

    Cloudy Bundle N/S
    Vintage Ligne (like Swanky's!)
    Black w/Black Patent CC Cambon

    and of course, the new Expandable Tote!!
  12. i too am looking for a work travel bag and i have a 13 inch macbook.... and i have been thinking about the paris biarritz large tote... (:
  13. I looked at the Paris B. tote, but was not entirely happy with it.

    The Cabas seemed too delicate. The Macbook weighs a ton. I think I will just go in with it and see what there is but it might be a Cambon. I feel like a chain strap would really hurt and possibly break.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!
  14. I have a large cerf tote in black. I use it every day as a diaper bag and it is very durable caviar leather. I live in the drizzly Northwest and this bag has held up very well. I also have a 12 inch Powerbook that I occasionally carry in it. The laptop does stick out at the top a bit so that I have to carry the bag by the handles rather than over the shoulder, although it does come with a removable longer strap. I love all of the pockets for organization (2 outside and 2 inside) and the fact that it expands quite a bit when full. I also love that it has a removable zipper pouch which is large enough for your wallet and a few other goodies to keep them secure and also great for bag changes. I would recommend buying a neoprene padded sleeve from Apple to protect your laptop from scratches. They are around $25. I think that the dimensions are around 9 x 14 x 6. Best of luck! :smile:
  15. black or beige GST