Best timeless Chanel in current line???

  1. Thanks to all of you here, I found the timeless clutch! I have another question. What do you think the best bag (in black) would be, that is currently in the retail stores (afraid of eBay), that is not too trendy? Something medium sized, that will hold everything but not huge. Preferably zip or some type of secure closure. If you could post photos that would be great. Thanks!
  2. classic medallion tote is what came to my mind first! you can search it under the chanel reference library subforum :smile:

  3. I agree. The Medallion Tote or the GST are great classic pieces. ;)
  4. I like the shape of the Medallion Tote. Is it a shoulder bag? Is there a similar bag that has a non-chain handle?
  5. ^ it can be both. shoulder or elbow clutch. it's very durable and sturdy for daily use, so no worries. get the one in caviar! yummy easy to maintain leather :smile:

    xo, C
  6. You can wear the medallion tote on your shoulder, but I wouldn't expect it to fit over a thick coat. I don't have super thin or thick arms and the outer handle kept slipping out and it looks weird after.

    The GST is great if you don't mind there are two open compartments, two zipped compartments.
  7. What about the cerf?
  8. i will vote for jumbo black classic caviar flap.
  9. The jumbo is great but it may not be as small as you'd like.

    I actually like the Ultimate Soft. Someone actually posted photos of their medium on this page (probably just a few below this post currently) if you're curious. I don't think I've seen anyone carrying it IRL.
  10. i would suggest GST or Cerf. I think Medallion is really awesome but I heard it might be hard to get things in and out of the bag. GST is wonderful - I own one but sometimes I feel like it is too heavy. As for Cerf, I love how it's understated and although I currently do not own one, it is definitely, in my opinion, one of the best timeless Chanels!
  11. :heart: GST
  12. I vote for GST as i like the style....I don't own one but goin to add a GST to my current collection~
  13. GST vote here, I love mine.

    Piccie here for you :smile:

  14. I find the GST is a bit on the huge side, and since you don't want "huge" I'd say the Small Classic Timeless Tote :yes:. Or the Medium classic flap if you find the Jumbo too big.