Best timeless casual designer shoulder bag?


Mar 20, 2013
The leather versions of the Gucci Jackie 1961 and Prada Cleo are very classic and fit your needs (shoulder bag and good capacity). Both are open top bags though, so I'd be concerned items could fall out.

I think a timeless bag is one that matches the outfits you wear the most, and is practical for your lifestyle. For me, it's the Loewe Small Puzzle and Celine Classic Box Bag :biggrin:


Sep 1, 2020
For a mid-priced, contemporary option that gives a similar (if less branded) feel to the Jackie and Cleo, it may be worth checking out the reissued Coach Ergo. That might scratch a similar itch at a fraction of the cost, and the natural leather or glove tanned leather are likely to last well. If you remove the detachable tab, it’s entirely unbranded from the outside, so less likely to feel dated.

I’ve personally been eyeing one for myself because I love the feel of the Gucci Jackie, Prada Cleo, and Hermès Trim but I’m not sure if that style will go out of trend again soon so I’m hesitant to purchase a higher end brand of that shape.