Best time to list Spring/Summer bags--better sooner, or later?

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  1. With sales being slow, the need to relist seems to have increased. Given the strange economic climate, I was wondering when would be the best time to start listing S/S bags this year to avoid having to relist over and over.

    What do you think? Have you already started selling and/or buying S/S colors?
  2. I am thinking either way has its downsides. All of the NM, Saks, and individual fashion house emails have been filling my email inbox. The stores have spring merchandise, so I think it could motivate people to go online to get a deal.

    In many states right now in the US this is the coldest week in years, so are people really going to think spring?

    If you wait and then the stores are going to have sales, and you know many of us would rather reach out an touch it and try it on first before we buy.

    I don't know, I am torn too...:confused1:
  3. I am going to time my spring/summer bags around the first couple of weeks in February or maybe later in Feb into early March. People are sick of winter at that point, plus tax refunds start to roll in for the early-bird filers!
  4. I would wait hun, a lot of people are getting their CC bills after Sales splurges so it's gonna be a bit depressing for a few weeks. Wait till next month.
  5. I've been thinking end of Feb and March at the earliest.