Best Time to List Ebay Auctions

  1. I think my problem with slow sales is the time i list my auctions.. Can any eBay sellers give me any info on when is the best time to list my items??
  2. Well i'm not an expert or anything but I think the best time is to wait for November to come... I'm not sure if you should wait for BEFORE Black Friday or AFTER, but ppl will be in the spending mode for Christmas and willing to hunt down the bargains.

    I know it's a long time to wait for November to come but it's back-to-school season now and ppl spent a lot of money on laptops, new work clothes, new this and that so that's probably why it's been pretty slow since August till now. If anything, I think you mite be safe to start selling in October too.

    If you're asking about literally what time to list auctions, i always list on the weekends, anywhere from 7 to 11pm so ppl will most likely be at home to sit at their computers and stalk my auctions. lol. And I always make it 7 days.
  3. i agree, almost every single auction of mine is scheduled to start at 7:30 pdt - 7:45 pdt, but if i list on the weekend and its 7 day, i list it at anytime during that day
  4. I do a lot of eBay and I try to list the same Coach purses.. a half an hour apart..You get most of the action at the beginning or end so if you spread them out..I think you get more "lookers". I do well on Saturday and Sunday..lately during the day..If I want to sell Internationally..I schedule to go up in the middle of the night...I'm going to see if I can figure out when the Christmas rush really starts..It seems to me I started really listing a lot in Mid October...I just moved some Coach into my store since it's a little early..
  5. I have found Sat & Sun endings are good. Evening are best for time, past 8pm EST.

    I always have a highish BIN options with a reserve so the BIN doesn't disapper after the 1st bid and I can also start the bidding very low to attrack lots of bidders. I have to say, I have done very well with the BIN option.

    Good luck!
  6. I do the best with auctions when they end on a Thursday night- my theory is this is when the best TV shows are on (especially grey's last season) and people are generally home. I don't do as well with auctions on weekends, and I always thought this was because on a weekend, people are out and about- especially in the summer. I think Monday nights are good as well- because if they have been watching an auction all weekend, they are home Monday night to bid.
  7. I hate when something has like 10 + watchers and does not sell.
  8. :yes: I've over 30 watchers but item unsold, I relisted with reduce price ( not too much, around $10-20 only ).

    And yes, first of Sept I got many buyers but since last week, selling is going slow again :s