Best time to List an item??

  1. In your opinion what is the best time to List an Item on eBay. I thouhgt about it and i think is during the week whatever time during the week. Bc people dont have much to do during the week, yes go to work but after work you want to relax and most of us relax with the computer. And the worst is the weekend. Since everyone does something and dont want to spend their free time in the computer. SO what do guys think , Im a totally :confused1:nuts??
  2. wow thanks .
  3. I always try to list on Sunday nights, so the auction runs through the entire next weekend and ends the next Sunday night. That seems to get me the most activity.
  4. ^^ ITA:yes: . Although I realise my sample size here is exactly '1', I have definitely noticed better success when the auction is timed to end somewhere between 6 and 9 p.m. on a Sunday.
  5. Well, the consulting experts say that it's anytime between 6pm-8pm eastern time for auction end as having the most successful auctions. I think this might be true if you're doing a traditional auction format. If you're doing a fixed price auction with or without a BO, I don't really think it matters when as there is not that last minute bidding strategy that generally goes on. Also if you allow international bidding, with today's Global Market, there are many different times of the day that will be most successful. It really comes down to how much demand is there for your product, global location for that demand, and how "bidding savy" your particular bidders are.
  6. Sunday nights are quite successful too based on my experience. During the summer months (approx June 20 - Aug 20) though, auctions ending on the weekend have done very poor for me. I try to stick to weekdays during this slower season.