best time to go to Woodbury premuim outlets?

  1. I am planning to go to the premuim outlets sometime this summer. Does anyone know when the best time to go is? When do the stores get most of their stuff?
  2. from what i heard the biggest event is
    1) black friday

    the 2nd biggest sale event is
    2) memorial day weekend

    afterwards, i am going to assume all the big holidays are when the sales are the best - july 4th and labor day.

    the rest of the sales are mediocre
  3. yes, you will get good deals but i will never ever ever attempt Woodbury Commons on a Black Friday again!! - i did it 2 years ago and i have never seen such madness in my life - some stores you had to wait an hour just to get in the store and when you finally did get in and get thru the mess (i mean there was stuff thrown all ocer the place) and found soemthing that fit (good luck with the dressing rooms) you had to wait at least another hour and a half plus in some stores - i swear i must have had about 5 panic attacks that day! lol .....lets not even start about the parking

    there are so many stores, you are bound to get lucky in a at least few whenever you go.
  4. I have heard that the 4th is good.
  5. I live on Long Island and I drive upstate to the outlets every couple months. It's less than a two hour drive and I always come home with something.

    Not too sure if there's a "best" time to go, but you should definately take a trip there. It's fun. I got a pair of $800 Manolo Blahniks for like $180 at the Neiman Marcus outlet.

    BTW: DanielleNY, I second that...I went two black fridays ago and it was complete pandemonium. It actually took longer to LEAVE the parking lot than it did to find a spot in the first place, and I didn't like having to wait on line to get into certain stores.
  6. i just went over the weekend and they had a 4th of july sale going on. almost all the stores had additional discounts on top of existing ones. for example, coach was an additional 20-30% off. tod's was an extra 40% off. it's not a bad time to go as the sales are pretty good now and it's not ridiculous like it is for memorial day and black friday.
  7. If you are going to Woodbury, check out their website and enroll as a VIP. It's free! You can then print out a coupon that allows you to get a free coupon booklet. It's worth it since there is Saks and Neiman's coupons in there! Also, you'll have access to other coupons for other stores that are only on the website.
  8. I do not suggest going on any major holidays! The traffic and the crowds are ridculous. I went last year on Memorial day and it was sooooo hectic. It took me about 2 hours just to get off the exit ramp for the mall. We had to make a detour because the traffic on the Woodbury Outlets exit was crazy. By then time we got to the mall, we discovered that parking was going to be another major issue. When it came down to shopping, all the outlets looked as if a hurricane passed through them. Gucci, Tods, LeSportsac and Dior were pretty much empty by the time I went. I became pretty disinterested with shopping fairly quickly that day and was ready to go home by the time I got there. :sad: So, if anyone is planning to visit the outlets make sure you go REALLY EARLY! I got there about 2 PM and the traffic was insane!!! The best time to go is when they are first opening in the morning. I have realized that is always the best time to shop at the outlets. Be one of the first group of people there, this way you can choose an easily accesible parking space and be the first to get on all the sales at popular stores. Coupon book will come in handy if you decide on really shopping instead of just browsing. Hopes this info will help some hungry shoppers tomorrow :tup: GOOD LUCK!!
  9. I've always had the best luck during the 4th of July sales.
  10. i tried going there during Columbus day, and they had like 10~20% off on top of sale prices. no crowds at all, it's like any ordinary weekday.
  11. oh yes, that is true. if you are going to go on major holidays (black friday , memorial day) you have to prepare.

    On black friday, i went around 4-5 AM and a lot of people were already waiting on line. At 8-9 am, i was standing outside on the Gucci line for literally an hour just to get in. (and unluckily the weather was unseasonably FREEZING) and the traffic to leave is by far the worst i've ever seen. i remember (As we were leaving) falling asleep in the car for about an hour and a half and waking up to see that we were STILL in the parking lot. CRAZY!

    but hey, if u can handle it, go for it lol
  12. The best way to do Woodbury is to take the bus from Port Authority. Never again will I drive up there, getting out of that parking lot is just insane.
  13. I went during Memorial Day weekend (a Sunday) this year and my mother and I got some great deals. Dior was having an extra 50% off on some shoes. My mother and I went last year during Labor Day weekend and got some great items as well. I won't go there on the ACTUAL holiday, but since the sales go on during that weekend it might be good to check it out.

    I never have and I will never go there on Black Friday. I'm not that crazy for a bargain lol.
  14. i went this past saturday and it wasn't as bad as i thought. off Saks had a buy one get 2nd half off deal. i saw a couple of kooba bags and some cole haan bags for 40% off. neiman had 30% off almost everything and i got a pair of nice sandals for dirt cheap. but the key is to GO EARLY! i usually go there and park the car before the stores open so i dont' have to waste time on looking for parking. i usually find some good deals there during the major holiday weekends. it's worth a try.