best time to go to Paris?

  1. What is the best time to go to Paris? Just for a weekend getaway? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. The best time is when I am there! LOL!!!! :biggrin: Seriously though, if you want to jet over and meet up when I'm there on RnR in a year and a half...:s
  3. Anytime except wintertime...when it's freezing cold?
  4. Definitely not in the summer when there are about 10 million tourists.....haha
  5. is it true about april in paris? :graucho:
  6. Def not over the summer. I made a mistake of going to Paris last summer and it was PACKED EVERYWHERE
  7. I went the week before Christmas, and although it was blisteringly cold, it was so beautiful. Things weren't very packed, weather was clear and sunny, just froze my b******s in the mean time. Have fun whenever you do go, it's a beautiful city!!
  8. i'd love to go to paris!! how cold is it during the winter?
  9. it wasn't that cold when i went for the day a few weeks ago, about 10ºC or so, fairly mild for winter. i'd avoid the summer because it'll be too crowded, maybe march/april/may, or septemberish?
  10. may i askwhat 10C would be equivalent to F?
  11. i have to look it up, i don't work in fahrenheit at all :lol:

    it'll probably be cold for you if you live in hawaii though!

    edit: apparently it's 50ºF.
  12. ohhh 50 is not so bad. Yes at colder than here but ivelivd in new York for a year before so 50 actually sounds nice
  13. I agree summer is just too crowded, perhaps springtime?
  14. I would say early to mid May :smile:
  15. It's always a good time to go to Paris!!!!!!!