Best time to buy louboutins?

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  1. Ive finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair of louboutin boots. Does anyone know any deals? I know Saks friends and family is coming up...whats a good price for a pair of black flat knee length boots?
  2. Saks F&F excludes Louboutin... so if you are looking to get them on sale, December is the best time to buy when department stores/ boutiques have sals
  3. Best time to buy Louboutin's? NOW!!! :roflmfao:

    Seriously.... sale season is December (Fall Styles) and June (Spring Styles)... and then you can also scout sites for random pieces left over. For instance; Barneys and PamJenkins still have sale CL's...
  4. okay so sales are in december? Would this be the beginning of december? Andd around how much would tall, flat black boots be ( i mean a good sale price :biggrin:)
  5. Usually after Thanksgiving early December. Sales prices normally start at 30% to 40% off. If the style lasts a while it might get a second cut at some places like Sakes or Barney's but the pickings may be slim and may be about 50%. Again, the classics won't be included if you're wanting something like a black boot.
  6. Is there a style you have in mind? CL doesn't produce many flat black boots.
  7. This is like a guessing game:P What style name of boot, or just a photo, are you looking at/for? What size do you need? Are you wanting just that style or will a similar style work? We are all happy to enable but just need the details to do so;)
  8. you ladies are all so helpful! =]
    I was looking for something similar stylewise to the Egoutina studded leather boots: or the Christian Louboutin Cate Flat Hidden Wedge Boots

    I actually was just looking for simple tall black boots in a size 38 but nothing specific :smile:

    I can see the Cate flat boots on this site, but are these real?
  9. ^ That website is all fakes, I'm fairly sure. I don't even get it?
  10. i figured it was fake. bummer.

    But would I be able to find boots like these for a similar price?
  11. The lowest you'll find them during sales (IF they last until sales and IF they make it to second cut) is $598, which is 60% off retail. More than likely, the lowest you'll find them for is first cut, which would be $897.
  12. I think you can try this boots for it's in reasonable price.