Best Time To Buy Chanel?

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  1. hi,

    i'm a chanel newbie and was wondering when and where is the best time to buy chanel. i'm assuming france/europe is the cheapest, so my question is more specific to the us (since that's where i am). i think i heard that you can open a department store credit card to get a percentage discount off your purchase? and sometimes there are promotions like points or gift cards. and i know that bags sometimes go on sale, but never the classic styles, correct? is there a certain time that these sales happen (like every november/december?).

    please share your shopping tips! thanks in advance!
  2. The best time to buy is when a department store offers promotions in a form of points or gift cards and discount for opening a store credit card account if you do not already possess one. You're correct that classics do not go on sale. For non-classics, sales occur twice a year: June for Spring/Summer and Cruise collections AND late November/December for Fall collection.
  3. NM does not offer a discount for opening a card. Saks gives 10% off and Bloomingdales 15%. Best time to buy is gift card or triple points days.
  4. So just saks and bloomingdale's then? The discount does apply to Chanel right? I know saks is about to do double points, does bloomngdale's do something similar? How many times a year do they each do the double or triple points? Is it usually always double for saks in feb; when are these promotions?

    Sorry for all the questions...I think this all really good intel and thank you all for the help! Is there like a sticky for this type of info? I think it could be really helpful for everyone to have it all in one location.
  5. Most stores do not have set times for double points days and sometimes there will be double or triple points day in a select store only for an event happening that day. I know at NM if you have an NM card you can pick one day a year for triple points.
  6. I like to buy during a gift card event. I recently purchased a caviar mini flap from NM and received a $150 gift card. The only problem is that it doesn't apply to your current purchase, but you can use it on another bag purchase in the future.