best time of the day to end an auction?

  1. i've been selling about a hundred of used bags a week for several years now. a major factor that I have not paid a lot of attention to is the time and day of the week i let my auctions end. lately i've been trying to track values a bit more (i start all auctions at 99 cents) and feel like weekdays around 5pm pacific seem to be doing well. weekend altogther seem like they don't get as much bidding action. any thoughts at all on this are very appreciated. i apologize if there have been threads about this that i dont see (i'm sure there have) as i'm new on the site and have not found a good way to search the forum.
  2. I am so excited! :yahoo:I came on here because I am a handbag addict with a question about a Juicy couture handbag I bought on eBay. I ended up looking at this question that I LITERALLY had just last week researched!

    eBay has seller tools and among them is research that they have done on best time to list, best time to end auctions, how long people stay on eBay during certain days of the week, etc.

    The winning time to end an auction ((drum roll please)) is Monday approx 5 PM. Sadly, I don't recall the time zone, but you can look up the time zone (and any other marketing specifics and trends) in the seller tools!
  3. you ladies are great! i think i'm going to like this forum :smile:
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  4. I have heard that starting and ending an auction on a weekend day is best because that is when ebay has the most traffic.
  5. Week day and around 6-8pm I find to be the most effective. Ending your auction during business hours is just not smart at all.
  6. i have found weekend days to be seemingly slow... (?)

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  8. I have had great success ending my auctions after 7-8PM during the week.
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  12. I was wondering about this too!
  13. I agree with everyone who said weekdays after work anytime between 7-10pm. Btw, has anyone else noticed that eBay's really starting to pick up again with more buyers and sellers? It was SO slow for awhile...