Best time of day to take a prenatal vitamin?

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  1. What's the best time of day to take a prenatal vitamin? I'm in the habit of taking my vitamins at night with my dinner (so anytime between 6 and 7:30) that okay, or too late?

    Also - are over the counter prenatal vitamins ok in your experience? I forget the brand name...I picked them up at Target last night...(not the Target brand) but the kind I bought has the 800mcg of folic acid. Will these be okay until I see my doc?

    these are the kind I bought:

  2. ^ i currently have a rx prenatal, but my previous dr. told me that over the counter prenatals were fine. i also don't think time of day matters, unless they upset your stomach. if that's the case, i would take them at bed time because then you go to sleep= no bother (that happened w/me w/a prenatal). also, if it's upsetting your stomach, see ifyou can take a dif. one.
  3. I couldn't tolerate the ones they prescribed me, so my doc said I could substitute them with 2 Flintstone Chewables w/Iron a day. I take them in the morning, since it feels as though I don't get as tired as easy if I take them vs. if I don't.
  4. I didn't take a prenatal vitamin while I was pregnant :amuse:

    Instead, I just took a Folic Acid supliment...My OB just told me to take it regularly. Same time, everyday. Time of day didn't really matter.
  5. I previously was an OB nurse (now neonate ICU). It's okay to take it whenever you like in a day but just take it the same time every day. OTC prenatal vitamins are fine. The folic acid content sounds good. That should be fine until you see your doc and if they have any further suggestions they can give you a script for something else. You are at least taking them which is great ;)
  6. My only input is to say make sure you take them with something that has fat in it. Some vitamins are not water soluble, so there needs to be some fat in your stomach for them to be absorbed. So I would think that taking them with dinner is fine!
  7. Thanks all for the advice! Much appreciated!

    Even when not pregnant, I couldn't take my daily multi-vitamin (a Centrum) on an empty stomach...always took it with my dinner (usually half way through my dinner I'd take it)...guess I'll just continue the habit with the prenatal.

    thanks so much!
  8. also, don't take w/ milk.
    Milk inhibits iron absorption.
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