Best time for a listing to end?

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  1. I am wondering if a listing ending at a particular day of the week, or a particular time of day has a better chance of selling, or it really doesn't make much difference at all.
  2. I think opinions are split on this recalling a few previous threads which you might like to track down. I am of the 'Sunday evening is best' school of thought. I have no real empirical evidence for that though simply generalising from my own activity on eBay. I tend to schedule things to end on a Sunday around 6 or 7 p.m. but whether that is worthwhile or not, I don't know!

    Actually, it is coming back to me now. . .I think someone posted some kind of link showing typical 'transaction traffic' on eBay, but unhelpfully, I can't remember who, when or where. Sorry! A search would probably bring it up though and/or maybe that member will read this and repost it . . .Here's hoping for you.
  3. For me, I notice my auctions do better when I end them during the day on Thursday or Friday. I figure maybe that's payday for a lot of people and they can justify buying something.

    I also remember someone from AOL in an interview saying that weekends and good weather were their biggest enemies (as in people don't log in during on the weekends and / or if it is a sunny day). I know when monitoring traffic for my own web site, the stats during the week are always higher. (I wonder how much more productive the workforce was before the Internet!)

    Anyway, I now always list to end during the week and have found this working out well for me.
  4. I always try to end it during the work day. I try to not end an auction in the middle of the night of course :smile:
  5. Thank you! I love how there is always someone around here to add to my memory which is pretty hazy to say the least . . .!
  6. well, i never really thought about this - just I would like the auction to go over the weekend (so no 5 days starting on a monday kind of thing) because this is usually when people have time.

    to be honest, I am not sure it will make any difference. nowadays with sniping services, even if the auction ends at 3 am (or is from US eBay) you can take part in the last few seconds. also, if the item is interesting, people will make time (I have stayed up to bid at 4 am ..... oups...)
  7. I tend to end my listings on Tuesday nights 9pm - 10pm. I find that this time slot has been the most profitable for me.
  8. I was getting bids and traffic 11am-12noon, around 4pm, and 7-9 pm. That's EST. A good percentage of winners were on the west coast and that's 3 hours earlier so go figure.
    I love to watch auctions I don't care what or who's auction it is. It shows you anything is possible when there's an interest. I was going to bid on an item because it was ending around midnight. I thought that it was late and not that much bidding. HA! Wrong.
  9. I actually saw on some ebay infomercial that the best time to start and end a liting is on the weekend because that is when ebay has the most traffic and most people do a search of "new listings" or ending soon".
  10. thanks everyone for your inputs. It does look like there'sre different schools of thoughts on this, which probably probably means it doesn't really matter too much.
  11. I always thought sunday nite was best but I was told by my boutique ebay groups that tues was the best day...
  12. So if you pay extra .40 and let the auction run 10 days, you can start the auction Thursday (night) and it will run through 2 weekends and end on a Sunday.
  13. Such variety of views - really interesting. I think you're probably right though that given the diversity of opinion, it almost certainly makes zip all difference!