Best Thing

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  1. If you had to choose the best thing or place about where you live (town or state) what would it be?
  2. Hard question! Not the weather, the people can be hit and miss! For me, living in London it has to be the fact that my close family live here also!
  3. I am close to alot of my family, and i am about a 20 min drive to NYC:woohoo:, also i have more malls around me than anywhere EVER, and the area cant be beat, great schools, real estate, etc.
  4. Hmmmm, difficult question. I guess that my family is here!
  5. :heart: Ahh, yes, family. :heart:

    But the pacific is awesome too, not to mention the mountains! woohoo boarding! okok, so it's july but I can't wait until the season starts :yahoo:

    EDIT: i'm in vancouver, bc
  6. The Pacific/marine layer
  7. The lake right outside my back door!
  8. The chance to experience the full cycle of the seasons and the unique characteristics of each.

    Oh, and the big blue lake down the street isn't too bad.
  9. I'm close to family, experience a full cycle of seasons, the Hudson River is in my back yard, I'm just 20 minutes away from NYC, and 15 minutes away from great shopping places such as Woodbury Commons, LV, Saks, etc.
  10. Family + the variety of restaurant choices--Italian, Asian, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Soul name it!
  11. I am from Oregon so when ever I leave and come back I am reminded of how much I love how green it is here. Love the trees, plants, grass. It's beautiful.

  12. Oh and I'm in Bergen County NJ:supacool:
  13. The diversity. I'm not a native Canadian and I love how I never feel alienated or pressured to assimilate.
  14. The hills, weather, family, Pacific, & all the shopping areas to choose from. & Disneyland's only an hour away!! :p
  15. The 6-7 months of summer! (not officially summer, but the warm weather.) :smile: