Best thing you can do for your nails ....

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  1. What is the one thing you would recommend to someone trying to grow out their nails or someone just trying to keep their nails healthy?

    My suggestion is to use a cuticle cream/oil daily. I have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles but if there is nothing to pick at than my nails look great.
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  2. I posted a thread about my nails being nearly perfect after months of doing nothing with them and I think the suggestions made total sense, especially the nail polish remover one. Eliminating chemicals (both remover and polish) are probably the answers here, but who wants to have no nail polish? I have to my nail tech to hardly cut any cuticle and so far my nails are doing ok with the weekly manis, time will tell.

    If you can, go a month or so with no manicures, see if there is a difference.
  3. Sorry, but I've got two. 1) moisturize your eponychium (what most call cuticles) daily and push them back gently and 2) use a high grit (>240) nail file.
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    Great post! I agree on the importance of using oil or cream on the cuticle area AND nails regularly. (It doesn’t have to be a costly product designed for nails, even a bit of olive oil is fine to use!). Be sure to also oil/moisturize the free edge of the nail, or put a drop on the underside of the nail if yours are longer. What this does is help keep the nails a bit flexible, so that they are not so brittle they chip/break with everyday tasks.

    Like NancyG, I also recommend a gentle, high grit nail file to avoid tears when shaping the nail. I have used the crystal (glass) nail files from Nail Tek for many years. I like that they come in a protective case and can be washed/sterilized and used for years. Some other brands of crystal files I have tried like the inexpensive Sally ones have gotten dull over time b/c the grit rubs off. Higher quality nail files are etched and if they feel “dull,” just cleaning the file of nail dust will restore it.

    Cuticle oil + a crystal nail file are actually my go-to gifts for friends reforming from nail biting or just getting into nail care.:smile:
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  5. I posted this in the thread @kemilia mentioned: stop using acetone polish removers, and switch to a glass or crystal file.
  6. i absolutely cannot stand the glass or crystal files, they send shivers or something through my nails and I just can't, kinda like nails on a chalkboard (which means nothing to the kids nowadays--what's a chalkboard? :confused1:).
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  7. Nail polish and remover are very hard on nails. I love natural well manicured nails and hardly ever wear polish. I use a manicure board to buff them naturally. My nails are so healthy that I have to cut them frequently. Chemicals discolour the nail and sometimes cause them to lift up from the nail bed at the end. Although it’s fun and necessary for events to paint them, I am always happy to get them back to their natural state.
  8. Utmost for me are having "healthy" nails. I have found using a diamond crystal nail file makes the world
    of difference. No nicks or rough edges.
    I get a mani weekly, I use non acetone polish remover, I also use 7 or 9 free polishes, I use cuticle oil
    nightly & take good care of my hands as well with nurturing hand creams especially now because we are starting
    to get cold weather.
    IMO, "hands speak" for me. Well groomed nails & soft skin just say that someone cares for themselves.
    I have the same feeling about skin.
  9. Collagen supplements or a multivitamin that contains biotin...