Best theater seating? Orchestra or Mezzanine?

  1. Its my first time going to a play, and I want to get the best seats I can. Which would br better? Orchestra Row A or Mezzanine Row C? I could see the advantages of both. The play is at the Broadhurst theater in New York by the way and the show is Equus...
  2. If Orchestra Row A is front row, I'd recommend the depends on how the seats are situated, though.

    Have fun!
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    Oh my God, you're seeing Equus?


    How comfortable exactly are you with full-frontal nudity? Because in the orchestra seats, you'd be pretty close to the, er, nakedness.
  4. Mt DH and I attend the opera every year and we have found that we prefer orchestra seating, but IDK about row A, if that's the first row. Third row orchestra is perfect.
  5. ^ :yes: My absolute favorite is always a few rows back in orchestra, as well.
  6. Oh! Mezzanine for me!!! I love to see all of the configurations of the actors!!!
  7. Orchestra! At least for me I LOVE to see what the musicians are doing. I played in orchestra since i was in primary school and did it semi-professionally all through high school for both plays, muscials, opera, and classical recitals. I like to catch the behind the scenes action.

  8. Orchestra Row A is actually 3 rows back from the stage, so its not right in front but pretty darn close.
  9. No question Orchestra A... If that is actually front row. I have been front row center for both Wicked, Rent and the Producers and it was AMAZING
  10. That's perfect! :woohoo:
  11. Definitely orchestra!
  12. I prefer mezzanine that way you can see everything.

    I sat front row for Wicked ( I won the Wicked lotto front row for $25!!) and it was just too close. You see everything in the sense of imperfections and all. While awesome it was just too close for me.
  13. DH and I always prefer 5th to 7th row Center Orchestra - too close and you end up with a strained neck. You can get a good view of the whole stage in the Mezzanine, but I like to be close enough to see the expressions on the faces...
  14. Orc A is a bit close, but I think I'd still prefer it over Mezz.

    No, Orc A shouldn't be the first row. Usually, Row A is preceded by Rows AA and BB, often reserved for family members of the cast, or production ppl, etc.
  15. I prefer Mezzanine.