Best teeth bleaching?

  1. Who has had their teeth bleached & what system did you use?
    Any info would be great. I'm going to have it done & want to be well informed. Thanks

  2. hhmmmmm.

    crest whitestrips. all of them work well, even the night treatment.

    though, i've heard many good things about that other brand...what's it called?

    the one at sephora...

    oh my goodness, i forgot it's name.
  3. I got stuff from my dentist.
  4. My dentist had an upper tray made for me, and gave me the DayWhite bleaching stuff. I was very disappointed in the results, I don't think they got more than 2 shades lighter.... I actually went thru two sets of the treatment, twice a day for a month. *sigh*
  5. I recently used Crest White Strips Premium Plus with very good results.
  6. Just started through my dentist. He gave me opalesence and trays for upper and lower. Said to use it for 45 minutes twice a day. he said maximum whiteness normally takes 2-3 weeks. I have a follow up at 10 days. Cost $199 at my dentist.
  7. I think it's called GoSmile, or something along those lines. Which reminds me, I still need to try it...
  8. I used this and it made my teeth white fast.. sadly, it wore off pretty quickly even with the touch ups that you use after the initial treatment.
  9. ah, yes. gosmile! thank you.

    i heard it works...WITHOUT the sensitivity.
  10. My dentist wanted $500, so I ordered my kit off the internet. I received the plaster mold kit for upper and lower trays and the 20% peroxide gel for about $100. The plaster molds were easy to do, and then I sent them to a lab (pre-paid). Two weeks later I had my custom trays. Then I used my trays every day for about two weeks.

    My teeth whitened remarkably. My dentist thought they looked great! I told her I wanted them much whiter... Jessica Simpson white. She totally scolded me and told me that Jessica's teeth look silly. To be honest, I still tried to get them whiter, but they still never turned bright white. So I have no idea how the stars get their teeth snow white, but I am happy with the color of mine.

    I use the trays now 1-2 times per month.
  11. do you know the website you used to get those trays and gel?
  12. i had brite smile. i went to their spa and i enjoyed the experience. it also had great results. took only 1 hr.
  13. They can afford veneers!
  14. Zoom bleaching, its lazer works much better. I'm sure after they do it they use the stuff you're using to keep it up.

    I am using the same stuff you are and love it.
  15. I use Crest White Strips, they work. My SIL uses Opalesence, I don't remember the strength (22% I think) she was given by her dentist. Her teeth are white! They are definitely better than Crest White Strips (do a good job) which don't cover all the teeth.

    Those teeth whitening products obtained from dental office are stronger that those being sold over the counter.