Best tasting lo cal protein drink?

  1. I have been drinking protein shakes all summer as part of my diet. Now I have to return to work and I will not have time to prepare a fresh shake every morning. Any suggestions for a low calorie protein shake that tastes half-way decent?
  2. Hmmm.. I know that you can buy some at nutrition stores already pre-packaged, but I don't remember the name or the cal amount, I just remember that it tasted GOOD. You know you can buy shaker cups so that all you'd have to do in the morning is put your scoop of protein and milk in the cup and shake.
  3. That's probably what I will wind up doing. I won't have time for the full blender and ice deal.
    I dusted off my shaker cup & found a great cinnamon swirl protein shake recipe on line.
    When I get sick of that, I guess I'll try Atkins or Ensure. I heard Slimfast Protein shakes taste horrible.
  4. I drink these almost everyday for breakfast, they are very tasty IMO, they are about 7 dollars for a 4 pack at Safeway, sometimes they go on sale for $6.00 and sometimes you even get packs with two extra cans. They only have like 1 gr of sugar plus 15 grs. of protein. You shoul try them, I put a can in the frigde the night before and drink it in the morning keeps me satisfied 'till lunch time. I've lost 8 lbs in about 2 months drinking these shakes and eating protein bars for snaks.


    [​IMG] check them out here!!
  5. Crylater3, thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to buy some.
  6. EAS carbwise or is it carbsense anyway it's DISGUSTING don't buy that one
  7. I buy the chocolate fudge flavored EAS Myoplex Carb Control shakes. They come in packs of four, for around $7 at the Vitamin Shoppe. They have 150 calories, 25g protein and 5g carbs, and actually do taste good.
  8. What about a powder protein drink that you only have to mix with water and a spoon? I drink Syntrax Nectar; it mixes beautifully and quickly with 8oz. water, it's lo-cal and no sugars. My favorites are Roadside Lemonade and Fuzzy Navel. They taste awesome! :yes:

    Syntrax Nectar

  9. you are very welcome, I hope you like them !! :tup:
  10. Been using EAS AdvantEDGE Carb control Choclate Fudge after weight trianing sessions. Taste just fine to me, for a protein shake.

    110 Calories, 3g Fat, 260mg sodium, 4 Carbs, 2 Dietary Fiber, and 17g Protein.

    I actually like alot of EAS protein products...just the lower carb ones. I do not need a meal replacment, just more protein.

    Another option is to just get some Whey Protein powder and make your own. For awhile I was doing that with 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 fat free Vanilla yogurt, fruit, and ice blended into a smoothie. I needed to add a few teaspoons of Splenda, but not a bad mixture.
  11. I too drink the EAS chocolate fudge AdvantEdge protein drinks. They aren't thick like some of the other shakes/drinks I have tried. I poor it over a lot of ice & it tastes and looks like chocolate milk. If you have a BJs Wholesale Club, they sell for $14.99 for a 12 pack. I think that is a pretty good price.
  12. I think all of those drinks tastes :throwup: and has too much sugar in them.
  13. The EAS Chocolate Fudge doesn't has 0 sugar. I never liked the other shakes/drinks until I tried this one. It is delicious. The consistency is like skim milk.
  14. I need to find one that has real sugar in it. Sucralose and acesulfame K or anything like that is :throwup:. I would prefer a few extra calories if it meant my body would know how to digest the stuff.