Best swim suits for small chested ladies?

  1. I recently lost some weight and [sadly] lost a cup size in the process. I'm getting ready to go on a beach trip and am self conscious about wearing a swim suit since the suits I own are now too big on me. I am not worried about bottoms, but I am looking for a swim suit with LOTS of padding/support/etc up top. Suggestions please! Thanks ladies - I really appreciate it! :flowers:
  2. victorias secret.. AMAZING!
  3. When you lost a cup size...what size did that leave you, if you don'tmind me asking??? I am just wondering if you are now an A, B, etc...

    I have always liked padded string bikinis on small chests, with the triangles having a gap in the middle.
  4. I am extremely small chested, and I find that the triangle cut bikinis work best for me...either those or halter style bikini tops!
  5. I agree! Triangle cupped bikinis are the BEST for small chested women (like me!) I love love VIX bikinis.. they come a little smaller so I find them to be tighter which works great for me.
  6. Triangle tops are good, but I would avoid the sliding cup type and stick with the ones with fixed triangles on a band. Those have some support and often come with light padding.
  7. I'm super, super small chested. I think J Crew makes good fitting bathing suits. I actually got a cute Lilly Pulitzer one last summer and the fit was awesome.
  8. wow i wish i had this problem!!
    i need to find bathing suits for a small frame and an xl bust =(
  9. I like Victoria's Secret padded swim tops - they are top of the line if you are looking for major padding. I feel like it balances me out, and I always wear a mega-padded bra in daily life (because sadly I can barely fill out an A, but I'm by no means skinny enough to pull it off, blahhhhh). I don't like triangle tops because then my relative flatness is highly apparent. Of course see what works for you, but try some of the VS ones, take it from an expert on creating the illusion of a bust.
  10. i totally agree!
  11. Thank you! I'm going to check out Vix Swimwear after I log off tPF! :tup:
  12. I was thinking about trying J. Crew. Can you point me to a specific swim suit there? :flowers:
  13. Which VS swim tops (specifically) are you referring to? The Miracle Bra ones? Please let me know because you've already sold me on them... ;)

    Thanks again to all of you for your help!! :heart::heart:
  14. either those or the push up ones.. they're seriously amazing.. you won't buy any other bikinis after..
  15. The past 2 seasons I have only bought VIX suits. They run really small, especially in the top. Except on some of them they flatten me out so I bought pads from Everything But Water and had them sewn in!