Best Suspender (garter) belt for stockings?

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  1. I have a huge collection of tights (over 50), but don't want to wear tights everyday in the winter because it doesn't breath as well in the unmentionable area. I have hold-ups, but can't wear them everyday to work because the silicone irritates my legs over the period of a day.

    What is the best everyday suspender belt? I think I should be looking for a 6-strap belt with metal straps, but I am looking for some personal recommendations or reviews.

    I have a Wolford one, but don't like it. I asked for a M and the SA gave me a L and it is too big and and slides down over my hips even on the tightest setting. I also have a Mimi Holliday but that is more for evening than everyday.
  2. I don't know, I would just buy thigh highs that have elasticized tops so you don't need a garter belt. That's the kind I have, they didn't bother my legs at all when I still wore stockings. I bought them at a drugstore, but they were still good ones.
  3. ^^I placed an order last night with stockingirl and I think I did get one of those because it said the suspender belt was optional.
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  5. a good place for high quality suspender belts who ship worldwide is - always buy them with high quality metal clasps xx
  6. I have a few garter belts from VS, but I don't wear them much so I don't know how they compare to other brands. I also have a few stockings that have a silicon strip on the edge that helps the stocking stay on my legs without falling--no need for a garter with those.
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