BEST *super* opaque tights??

  1. Hello fashion divas, I am constantly on the search for the most super opaque tights out there. I really want a pair that you **can't** see leg through. My fall 'look' depends on my finding the perfect pair. Anyone have any suggestions??
  2. I had a pair of black DKNY tights that were amazing.

    They were so opaque they almost looked like leggings, yet they still felt light and stretchy. HTH!
  3. I second that DKNY recommendation. I wear a lot of dresses and I hate my legs so I have a large tights collection. DKNY is good for solid colors. I believe they're $12.50 a pair at Nordstrom. The quality is good, it retains its shape, and I don't get runs in mine like I do with some cheaper brands.
  4. Spanx work for me.
  5., run by a serious sock and tights lover in the northwest, has the most gobsmackingly diverse selection I have seen anywhere. Click "socks", then in the tights section (scroll down, the sections are listed alphabetically) you should find what you are looking for. They have one company that makes a 90 denier, plus several Danish (the Danes make great tights - must be the climate) wool tights. My fav, though, are EG Smith. SockDreams carries the widest range of colors, from bright or subdued solids, to heathers, speckled and space-dyed. They say one size fits all, and they mean it. I'm a 4, my mom's a 6, my best friends are a 2 and a 14 - same tights for all. They have some sort of special 4-way stretch weave. Velvety soft, completely opaque, and amazing, saturated colors.
  6. If you don't mind spending some $, Wolford makes a great super opaque tight. Most stylists use Wolford in fashion spreads because they are silky and virtually indestructible.
  7. Thank you ladies for all the helpful information. I will check out the recommendations. Roslynwall, I'd thought about Wolford, but wasn't sure they were worth the dough. I have a couple 'fun' pairs I got on sale and do like them. But don't think I'm ready to take the $60+ plunge.

    It's great to have such a vast array of opinions to draw from. Yay TPF!
    GlamaRuth- I went to YUM! There are so many fun pairs of thights I'm going to have a really hard time deciding! Thanks for the info!
  8. I've worn two pairs, one over the other, for the perfect opaque look. It's the only thing I have found to be successful.

  9. Hi floral_kitty,

    I cant help you with the tights but had to butt in and tell you how cute your avatar is... :lol:
  10. I'm with you about looking for the perfect pair of truly opaque tights!
    Has anyone tried the Sweaterknit tights at urbanoutfitters ($18)? I'm deciding between those and the DKNY ones. Whichever, has more coverage....
  11. Hee-hee! Thanks Alioops!

    Good suggestion shoeangel.

    I'm going shopping this evening and will see what I find. Hopefully, I'll find something that will work. The idea of having to wear two pairs of tights seems uncomfortable.

  12. Wolford has some very opaque tights. Try a woven fabric like wool. Also, I find that if you just buy one size up, even regular old Hanes will do.
  13. Hello Kitty

    I find Fiore Olga Classic Opaque Microfibre Tights 100 Denier very dark and nice and soft very cofortable to wear u must purchase a pair for yourself are avaible from e.bay

    hope to hear from u soon

  14. Spanx.
  15. wolford for sure! i swear those things are practically indestructible (^(oo)^)