BEST sunless tanner?

  1. Who has a favorite? I'm trying not to tan this year (never tan my face) but I like a little glow. I've been using one of those tinted moisturizers, which is nice, but it's time for a litle something extra...:smile:
  2. I like tan towels - you can get them on
  3. Yes, Tan Towels are good. They also sell them at Sephora. My favorite is St. Tropez Tanning Lotion. The most realistic one I have ever tried, and I have tried too many. :hrmm:
  4. Because of this great forum, I switched from Clarins ($45) to Jergins Natural Glow ($6.99) I love it. I am super white, like think goat cheese, and this gives me a normal look.
  5. Irish, the Jergens is what I use now. I've never used a true self-tanner, this is like a little boost!
    Thanks for the other tips...
  6. Is this like regular self tanners in that you have to wait for it to dry for a while otherwise you'll stain your clothes, sheets, etc? Also, can you use this on your face?
  7. They do have a face one, but I use the Chanel one on my face. This one does not stain, I wear white a lot and have not had a problem. Plus, it does not have that icky feeling, I get dressed about 10 minutes after I put it on.
  8. i use the jergens one. hate the smell though, so just put it on at night
  9. That's good to know. Thanks! I'm going to try it!!
  10. i totally bought into the Jergens hype, but it really doesn't work that well if you've already got a slight tan - ie. if you're asian, latino - doesn't work.

    It also smells bad.

    Use the wipes, or if you're using spray tan, get someone else to hold it far from your face and spray - then rub in.
  11. I love Lancome, it doesn't smell bad, it dries fast and it doesn't stain your clothes. I totally recommend.
  12. Jergens doesn't really show for me :/ I use the one for medium skin tone - it only gives a very slight tint.

    How's the lancome?
  13. One of my friends told me that Bare Escentuals has a self tanner that's fantastic. She uses it and she looks perfectly tanned.
  14. Jergens Natural Glow works for me; but, I am also pale. It does not streak and the smell only lasts for an hour after I put it on - so that really is pretty bearable. Also, I tend to use it every other day - I am darker than I would be with nothing, but NOT as dark as if I was tanning - I just can't do the tanning any longer since I know that it is not good for fair-skinned people like myself.
  15. I also use Lancome-the new shimmer "Flash Bronzer Glow n' Wear." It has a little bronzer in it so you can see where you apply it and dries super-fast. I love it. I'm really pale and I used it, I turned out very naturally. My mom used it and she had already tanned and it helped enhance hers and buff out her tan lines. I highly recommend it. Last year I used Clarins Tanning Gel which I also like. I have tried the Clarins tanning milk as well which is also nice.
    I've also found that a little rubbing alcohol can fix little mistakes with self-tanner, like for example if your knee is a little too dark.
    So, that was a long response, but I recommend Lancome (and Clarins).