Best Suhali color besides white and black


Which Suhali color besides white and black do you prefer?

  1. Blue

  2. Plum

  3. Geranium

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. For me its a given that white and black are the best Suhali colors but what is the next best color and WHY?

    Just curious to get opinions
  2. soemthing about that blue! it reminds me of the hermes blue jean color in some lights
  3. i love the Geranium! my mom bought a Le Talenteux in that color from the new KL store, and sent me photos of it. it's a beautiful color :love:!
  4. I love the plum!
  5. I think the plum color is TDF!
  6. i like blue.....
  7. I LOVE the silver and gold Suhali bags.
  8. I love the plum .. such a great rich colour:love:
  9. I saw a Le Tal in Plum and it's been my favorite Suhali color ever since
  10. plum is the best Suhali colour. i still don't understand why they discontinued it. my least fave is the blue.
  11. Definitely the plum, which is also unfortunately discontinued !
  12. I cant choose between plum and blue :crybaby:

    Why oh why they are discontinued...
  13. Plum of course :love:
    Any shade of purple is my fave :girlsigh:
  14. Plum.
  15. I love the blue