Best style on Ciao Ciao?

  1. I've decided to get a ciao ciao sometime in the...not so near future. XD But I'm totally stuck on the style. This is gonna be my everywhere bag, casual, and I really don't have an idea as to which print looks best...A little torn between Citta, Foresta, and Paradiso...I've got an Amore Buon Viaggio, and I love that in Ciao Ciao also, but since this is probably the only other bag I'm getting, I can't have both be the same...:/ Help? TYIA
  2. Foresta. It makes an awesome ciao ciao
  3. i'd say paradiso or foresta :smile: they both look very cute!
  4. I bought a spiaggia one, and I think it is great because it shows off the whole huge print. But a foresta one would look beautiful as well.
  5. I would say Foresta and Spiaggia... Foresta for your neutral tones (greens, browns, etc) and Spiaggia for your black and other colors. :yes:
  6. Foresta is awesome. Thats the one I have and its wonderful because you get the whole scene from the water to the trees. Plus it give almost the whole width to the print as well. I cant say enough about foresta ciao ciaos!! :biggrin:
  7. I'd def. vote for a foresta!! (spiaggia is really beautiul too with all the pink)
  8. i have a ciao ciao in citta rosa!

    its pretty
  9. Yeah, I'd have to agree that Foresta looks best on the Ciao Ciao. It's such a big print that the Ciao Ciao comes closest to capturing it all.
  10. i have the foresta ciao ciao which i :love: and wanna get a pirata one too!
  11. i vote for foresta too!
  12. I also have a Foresta ciao ciao. It looks great and has almost all the print. So go for it :tup:
  13. So where could I possibly FIND a foresta ciao ciao? (I would get Spiaggia, if it wasn't for those HUGE GIRLS RAWR!) Seems like eBay is the only option at this point....:sad:
  14. Yup eBay is it since it's never going to be at the outlets....
  15. Why's that? o_o? I thought the outlets had practically everything...