Best style on a Zucca?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Zucca, this would be my first one. What's the best style on it? I was thinking maybe Spiaggia but I'm
  2. I think spiaggia looks amazing on a zucca!!
  3. I think all the prints look fabulous on zuccas, it just depends if you find one with placement you love
  4. I love the black and white prints on a zucca! I have AS and tutti on a zucca. I have a spiaggia zucca as well I kinda like the straps being there it frames the scenes and characters that I like.
  5. I love the colourful cluttered prints on the zucca.. vacanze would be lovely !
  6. I don't own a Zucca...yet....but I agree with Kula_Bear, that Zuccas, to me look fantastic in Black and White. I think the Zucca in Tutti is so chic, and very fashionable for a larger bag.
  7. I love pirata zuccas (which is why I have one, lol), also inferno looks great!
  8. i think all the prints look great in is a great style!
  9. Arrancia (am i spelling it right?) It'll make the bag look even more like a pumpkin!
  10. I am on a search for my perfect Spiaggia Zucca. As much water scene as I can find, to match my Spiagga Gioco. I own a Pirata Zucca and love it, and I think that any print is great on this style bag!
  11. i think the tutti looks GOrgeous on the zucca. it is able to stand out without the bright colors.
  12. My all-time favorite is the L'Amore. I love how the tan straps look with the leather and hardware. I love it so much I'm even planning on getting a L'Amore Bella or possibly a Campeggio. Kind of bums me out how most of the other prints have black straps that doesn't look as nice with the leather. Inferno, Pirata, and Foresta look great too.
  13. I'm planning on getting one, but what I'm worried about is it's mainly water scene but there are a few bikini clad girls, and I don't know if carrying that around in 20 degree weather in the winter is smart lol...
  14. GoldenAnkh: I have the spiaggia zucca with mainly just the water scene and it's one of my favorites! I searched high and low for this print placement and i finally found it from another LJ member. Here is the link.


    I'm thinking of settling on Famiglia...or should I hold out for my perfect placement on Spiaggia or for a Foresta Zucca from Hawaii?