Best style in Epi, color mandarin.

  1. The mandarin Epi bags have been discontinued--I am just dying for one. I know what line and what color; however, I am still not sure about the what style bag? Please help!
  2. i would love a mandarin in speedy.
  3. Well, I already have a speedy in mono and love it, but I was thinking that I should get something new. What other styles are mandarin worthy? What about the bucket?

  4. If not the speedy, then definitely the jasmin.
  5. i like the noe. i just bought one on ebay.
  6. Love, love, love the petite noe!!! I will think about that one!
  7. What about the bucket???
  8. Jasmin! It's a gorgeous bag :heart:
  9. i'd recommend any bag from the "Yoga" line: Dhanura (PM/MM/GM), Sarvanga, Matsy or Salabha. they launched the mandarin colour with the release of these bag models :yes:
  10. I heard that the mandarin smells
  11. Get the jasmin!
  12. Isn't it only the mandarin speedy that has the cat pee smell problems?
  13. I think only the speedy smells, but not all speedies. I just got a mandarin bucket off ebay today... i already have the soufflot.. i cant wait to get a wallet in mandarin. =) im planning to sell one of the mandarins soon, i just cant decide which...
  14. i would get the jasmin.
  15. I have the Dhanura in mocha but I think the mandarin looks best in the bucket.