Best studio for baby portrait?

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  1. DH and I would like to get a family portrait and baby portrait taken with our 3-month-old baby. Babies grow so fast....

    Which studio would you recommend for getting the best baby pictures and quality family pictures? I've seen ads for Sears, JC Penney and Picture People. Which do you prefer? Any others?

  2. I've had good experiences at JC Penney and Sears...never had pictures done at Picture People :smile:
  3. I prefer JC Penny over Sears, but it honestly has more to do with the people taking the pictures than the studio itself. Some places have people who are really great with children, and others hire whoever can run the equipment! So even those independent places in malls can give you great pictures if the person is good with children.
  4. It really depends on your local photographers. The Picture People are pretty good but more expensive than either Sears or Penneys. Sears went to more mobile cameras a few years ago. Some of their photographers are great & some aren't. I would really check with people in your area for recommendations in your town. The photographers who are good with kids are the one you want.
  5. I have always gotten ours done at Sears and they have turned out really well. Also, if when you receive your pictures, you are not happy, they will re-book you and do the session again at no additional charge.
  6. i've had pics done at picture people, and mom took all her grandsons to wal-mart and had theirs all done and honestly they look the same as the ones we had done at sears, and they were a lot cheaper....
  7. Picture People photos are very sweet and touching, but IMO it's so weird to see all of the babies in my life in pictures that have the *exact* same poses.

    Regardless, I really do think they do a good job!
  8. depends on how much $ you want to spend.

    most of those places all have very generic backgrounds and ideas for poses. . .
    There's a studio here called Studio One to One that is still pretty inexpensive but has a lot more to choose from prop and background-wise.
  9. If you have a Portrait Innovations, I would try them. They are $9.99 and there is no sitting fee. For the $9.99 you get a 1 large pic (not sure of the dimensions), two 8x10's, four 5x7's, four 3.5x5's 35 wallets and 6 greeting cards. Then you can choose to add on more poses for more money or not.

    here is the link:

    Oh and by the way, they have your pictures ready for you in about 15 minutes so you don't have to wait and make a separate trip back to get them!
  10. I've had several done but the best is venture portraits (uk based company) their amazing they do anything you want & capture your children beautifully - they had one family bring a horse to the studio! DD is 2 in a few weeks I've booked to go just after her birthday.
  11. Maybe i'm biased but I used to work for the Sears Portrait Studio. I didn't take the pictures, I just sold them but from what I heard while working there, JC Penney is not a very good place to take pics. I guess they book every 10 minutes there so they rush you, where at Sears, they book every half hour so you have more time. I always loved the way our pictures turned out and all of the photographers I worked with were great! So I would go to Sears.